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Kitten Plan


A new kitten is a lot of joy and a new responsibility.  Your kitten, like a human baby, needs special care.  We believe in progressive health care to help insure a long, happy and healthy life.  This includes a series of examinations, vaccinations, blood testing and fecal analysis for worms.  It can be quite confusing, even to the veteran cat owner.

Our kitten health care program is outlined below to show you how to best protect your kitten against the serious infectious diseases that he or she is exposed to in the environment every day.  To help your new family member develop into a healthy companion, we offer this essential care at a financial savings to you.

6-8 weeks

* Initial comprehensive examination and counseling
* Feline Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus Test
* Feline Distemper/Calici Virus/Rhinotracheitis Vaccine(FDCVR)
* Intestinal parasitic fecal examination
* Deworming for Roundworms

10-12 weeks

* Follow-up examination
* Second FDCVR Vaccine
* First FeLV Vaccine
* Deworming for Roundworms

14-16 weeks

* Follow-up examination
* Third FDCVR Vaccine
* Second FeLV Vaccine
* Rabies Vaccine
* Fecal re-examination
* Deworming for Roundworms


De-worming medications for intestinal parasites other than Roundworms, FIP Vaccines, sick kitten visits and prescriptions are not included in this plan.