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Enrichment Tips for Your Cat

Enrichment Tips for Your Cat

Without adequate enrichment, your cat may begin to display problem behaviors. Boredom and stress from lack of physical and mental stimulation can lead to inappropriate elimination and scratching, overgrooming, and even bullying behavior. Keep your feline friend...

Answers to Common Cat Questions

Answers to Common Cat Questions

Do you own a cat, or are you considering adopting one? We've composed a list of the most commonly asked questions about cat care for the kitty in your life.  Question: Do cats really need baths? Answer: Cats are known for their fastidious grooming, so why would they...

Heat Exhaustion Episode Tips

Heat Exhaustion Episode Tips

Sometimes the unthinkable happens and your furry pal collapses on a scorching hot summer day from heat exhaustion. Seemingly fine one moment, your beloved companion appears to overheat in the blink of an eye. Keep calm during this terrifying situation, and follow...

4th of July Barbecue for Your Pet

4th of July Barbecue for Your Pet

Instead of fearing July 4th, make it fun and safe for your beloved companion. Your pet can get scared with explosions going off overhead and can run into fire and gastrointestinal hazards around the food in the sizzling hot weather. Turn your July 4th barbecue into a...

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