Tips for Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe on Walks

Get outside with your pup on March 30 to enjoy Take a Walk in the Park Day and make sure it’s an unforgettable experience—not one you regret. To ensure that, be mindful of potential hazards while walking your pet. Here are some things to look out for:

#1: Other dogs

Unexpectedly encountering another pup could spell disaster, particularly if either pet is reactive and escapes their collar. Even friendly off-leash dogs can be a danger as they may appear intimidating to your own canine companion. Pay close attention to body language when approaching other dogs, making sure that yours remains calm and relaxed. To prevent potential squabbles between a large group of pups, try avoiding parks during peak hours whenever possible.

#2: Traffic

When ambling to a park, it’s important to remain vigilant for any vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians on the path. Keeping your pet close by your side will help avert any potential accidents. If their leash is unlocked and extended too far away from you – such as with retractable leashes or long leads – they could possibly dart into traffic in pursuit of an animal like a squirrel; this might result in them clotheslining someone riding a bike or even tripping up unsuspecting passersby. What’s more: if they make that leap forward suddenly, the leash may eventually snap!

#3: Parasites

Park environments are a paradise for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites; they bring in their ideal victims. To safeguard your pet from such unwanted guests – both internal and external – administer year-round preventatives to keep them at bay, then perform an inspection of your furry friend from nose-to-tail when you get home.

#4: Wildlife

As your pup sniffs around the park, they may stumble upon wild animal burrows or nests. Though most wildlife will flee at the sight of people and pets, some creatures may become aggressive in order to protect their young ones, food source, or home. It’s safest not to disturb these animals either, as many are capable of carrying diseases and parasites.

If you and your pet love to spend time in nature, make sure they are guarded against contagious illnesses and parasites by obtaining regular preventative care. Contact our team now to set up an appointment for your furry friend’s check-up!